Search Engine Loans: The Ultimate Tool for a Loan in 15 minutes

In a loan search engine a user has an online calculator, through it it is possible to know the real value of the service, with the added interest. You only have to choose the amount and the term of return, the value of the interest will depend on these two sections.

Advantages of using a loan search engine

Advantages of using a loan search engine

  • Avoid your tedious navigation days looking for the right lender
  • It has an online calculator so that the client knows the final value of the loan
  • You have all the information about financial institutions
  • It is possible to access loans according to your needs, the entities are grouped according to the real possibilities of the client


What conditions do the entities present in the loan simulator request from the user?

What conditions do the entities present in the loan simulator request from the user?

These entities request customers who are of legal age to have demonstrable income; any legal source of obtaining profits is sufficient, reside in Spain on a regular basis and be holders of a bank account in Spain.


What financial institutions can you find in the search engine?

What financial institutions can you find in the search engine?

Vivus is one of the best known entities nationwide, but with Vivus to obtain a loan it is necessary to be over 21 years old, if you are, you can benefit from the promotion for your first application, € 300 without interest to return within the term of 30 days. Users who are already customers can get up to 1000 euros, in addition the process of obtaining capital is dynamic and ends in 15 minutes with the money in the client’s account.

Dineo one of its biggest attractions are the physical stores spread across the Spanish geography, so you can make the loan application online or go to one of its physical stores. With them also the first customers can get up to € 300 without interest to return in a period between 5 and 30 days. Your second loan can be € 500 and get it in 8 minutes.

Ferratum Money offers an online banking service and not only has 300 € credits without interest for the first request, you can also obtain credit lines, these are renewed each time you return the money within the agreed term and the customer only pays interest for the amount spent. The second loan can amount up to € 700 and the credit lines offer € 500 on the first application and € 1000 starting on the second.

Ccloan this promotion of 300 € without interest for a beginner client apparently is fashionable with this institution you can also get a first loan for free and return in maximum time of 30 days. This is an international finance company that also operates in other countries in Europe. To access their services it is necessary to be between 25 and 75 years old and not appear in delinquency files.

Viaconto this financial institution is located in Barcelona. With them your first loan will be free without interest, can not be more than € 300 and must be returned within a period between 5 and 30 days. To access their services, the user must be between 21 and 65 years old. Customers with debts greater than € 1000 will not get loans with Viaconto.

Wandoo also offers a first loan without interest or commissions to return with a maximum amount of € 300. The second application opens the doors to larger loans up to € 850, but with their respective interests and return in 30 days. To access their services you must have an age between 20 and 70 years.

Not all the loans that you can find in the search engine are without interest, there are multiple entities and their services are very varied, it is possible to obtain deferrable loans for 3 months.

In the loan search engine there is financing available for clients even though they are in delinquency files, many entities give them the opportunity to obtain capital without being marginalized because they are debtors, but this group of institutions is smaller. Of course, the client must at least have some source of income, either pension or unemployment benefit, payroll is not essential.

Most of these lenders do not request a bank guarantee, perhaps some customer interested in higher-value loans can access larger amounts by offering their equity as collateral, a search engine would be the ultimate tool to find the ideal loan in 15 minutes and get money instantly.

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