Invest My Money in a Business, Why do it?

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Invest My Money in a Business, Why do it?

There are many ways to invest money and one of them is to invest in a business, company or project.

When you make the decision to invest, you look for that path that most satisfies your investment need based on the parameters of profitability and return of money .


Investment strategy, which one goes with you?

There are many investment strategies in the financial world and know and implement them in the best way, it is very important to achieve the greatest success in the investments made.


Ways to invest money according to your investor profile

There are many ways to invest your money but only some are suited to your characteristics. It is important to know yourself .


Interest rates on loans by crowdlending

When we think about both investing our savings and requesting a loan, one of the most influential factors in deciding which operation best suits our preferences is the profitability or the interest rate of the operation.


Factors that affect investment decisions

The health of the financial market is conditioned by a multitude of factors that generate continuous fluctuations in the values ​​of the securities, in the rates … The Ibex 35, the Euribor or the inflation rates, are some indicators that define, among other things, the decisions of investment of the savers.


Profitability of fixed-term deposits 2017 (Updated)

The profitability of deposits is influenced by a series of macroeconomic factors that determine their value.

In this article, we make an overview of what we have in 2017 in terms of deposit returns as well as, for the more curious, a quarterly analysis of some of the most important financial events on the national scene.


The bank deposits exposed

Deposit in sight, time deposit … what happens to them? This so-called “attractive” investment product has brought and leads investors who seek to monetize their savings.


Types of investors. Discover them in this guide with infographics

The investor is a natural or legal person who wants to obtain a return on their savings, however, we must be aware that there are different profiles of investors who, although seeking the same goal, do so through different types of products to achieve it.

Each of these investors presents different characteristics depending on the degree they present in factors such as risk aversion, available capital, etc.


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