How to make Simulation in the Payroll Loan?

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How to make Simulation in the Payroll Loan?


How to do the simulation of payroll loan Cash? The simulation makes it possible to know the amount of interest and how much will be paid per month, which will be deducted from the payroll or salary. Thus, when making the simulation, the person must always keep in mind the commitment of his income only to the value that does not imply in the lack of payment of other things.

For those who are Caixa’s clients, the simulator for the payroll loan can be viewed through the internet on Caixa Econômica Federal’s website.

For those who are not customers, there are some websites that also offer loan simulator programs, which can give an idea of ​​the values ​​practiced, as well as the portion to be discounted in payroll. However, it is recommended that the ideal is to talk directly with a person in charge of Caixa’s credit lines.

A simulation is quite simple, just fill in some fields like: the type of loan, the value of the loan, or still, by the amount to be paid monthly or by the number of installments.

There are several information on payroll deductible loans on the homepage of Caixa’s website. Accessing it, you must click on “Consignment”. Making sure that the amount will not affect the payment of other obligations, the next step is to apply for the loan.

How to get the payroll loan Cash?

How to get the payroll loan Cash?

Contact an office of Caixa with all personal documents such as RG, CPF, proof of residence and payment slip. Already in the agency, look for the proper sector for loans and request the assistance of a professional.

Remember to clarify any doubts and only sign contracts and agreements when you are fully understanding about the subject.

As you can see, CAIXA’s simulation will give you a rough idea of ​​what you can really afford, without any future worries, before you make any type of loan, including the more expensive loans like restrictive loans and loans with loan sharks .

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